Kashi Pizza, Five Cheese Tomato

All natural. Tomatoes & five signature cheese including asiago & parmesan with tomato basil on stone-fired crust made with Kashi 7 whole grains & sesame with flax seed. 14 g protein. 4 g fiber. 260 mg ALA - an omega-3. Haikus are an expression of complex ideas distilled into simple words. They serve as metaphors for the richly complex flavors crafted from Kashi's honest ingredients. Stone-fired pizza heavenly whole grain goodness earth's bountiful gift. Vegetarian. 8 g of whole grain per serving. Exchange: 2-1/2 carbohydrates ,1 lean meat & 1/2 fat. Based on Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, copyright 2003 by the American Diabetes Assoc, and the American Dietetic Assoc.