Food for Life Sprouted for Life Bread Original 3 Seed

Food For Life® Sprouted For Life™ Bread Original 3 Seed. Gluten free. Sprouted grains & seeds. Chia quinoa millet. USDA Organic. Vegan. No eggs. Trio of health. Sprouted chia: Antioxidant rich EFA's potassium. Calcium phosphorus fiber. Sprouted quinoa: Plant based protein. Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients iron. Sprouted millet: Alkaline super seed protein. Magnesium manganese copper. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. Food For Life is pleased to bring you Sprouted For Life™ breads. A unique line of gluten free breads made from 3 super-nutritious seeds: Sprouted Chia, Quinoa, and millet seeds - a trio of health! Original 3 seed is specifically developed with 3 super seeds to help you perform at your best, all throughout the day. See if you don't agree this is one of the best-tasting gluten free breads anywhere. Unlike most gluten free breads on the market today, our unique Sprouted For Life™ breads are sprouted to maximize nutrition and digestibility. Talk about nutrition! If you're looking for superior nutrition in a great-tasting bread, reach for Sprouted For Life™ breads. With just one bite, you'll know they're a Food For Life! Try our entire family of Sprouted For Life™ breads. Also available in cinnamon raisin, flax and almond. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind gluten free bread at our website: 1-800-797-5090 M-TH 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-2pm.